Storm damage in Phoenix, AZ

Certain time of the year, Arizona residents are threatened by storm and monsoon damages. The experts at ServiceMaster Architerra offer helpful answers to common questions related to water damage caused by storms and the restoration process. From storms, monsoons, flash floods, or other types of water damage, you can help minimize the damages. For advice on what you can do to help fight against Phoenix, Arizona storm damage on your home or business, check out these frequently asked questions and answers:

Should I Call My Insurance Company?

Anytime your home or business suffers major damages in any way, storm related or not, you should call your insurance agent. When an agent arrives on site to assess the damages, they’ll provide a full report to help you begin the claims process in restoring your property to pre-loss condition.

What if I Just Fix the Damages Myself?

You should NEVER attempt to restore damages caused by a storm by yourself, even if you consider yourself a prominent DIYer. If your property has experienced storm damage, there may be damages you cannot immediately see. Heavy rains introduce bacteria into your building that can encourage mold growth. Structural damage could also be involved depending on the severity, so you’ll need a professional restoration technician to take a look at the whole property to ensure nothing is missed. ServiceMaster Architerra in Phoenix is equipped to handle water extraction, mold remediation, and sanitization.

Can I Keep the Electricity On?

You should always shut off the electricity if your property has sustained damages from a flood or severe storm. An electrical wire could be loose or touching water or a damp surface. This is an extremely dangerous situation for anyone on the property and can even start a fire. Shutting off the electricity will ensure another disaster does not occur.

Should I Remove My Belongings from the Property?

If your property in Phoenix has suffered from storm damages and water is present, you need to take action. Move partially damaged or unharmed valuables to a safe location. This will allow you to make room for the restoration experts at ServiceMaster Architerra to come in and begin restoring your property and avoiding any secondary damages.

If you’re dealing with storm damages and their effects in Phoenix, you can trust the reliable residential and commercial disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster Architerra. We specialize in restoring homes after severe water and flooding damages from extreme weather events.