Your carpets are a big investment. They withstand dust, heavy foot traffic and stains. Protect your carpets with professional cleaning services. In addition, carpet fibers often trap dirt out of site. These regular cleanings not only extract the visible dirt, they go deeper to remove the dirt you can’t see. Our carpet cleaning services can restore colors, extend the life of your carpets and remove stains.

Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-inspect carpeting to evaluate soil conditions.
  2. Move smaller furniture from a specified room (will be moved back into place after the process)
  3. Pre-treat stains and any unsightly spots.
  4. Apply carpet-cleaning agents to loosen dirt and soil that are deeply embedded in the carpet.
  5. Rinse and extract shampoo and other cleaning agents with clean hot water to ensure soil, residue, and rinse water, are thoroughly removed.
  6. Post-treat any remaining stains as needed.
  7. If requested, apply fiber protectant agent.

Our Procedures

  • Truck-mounted cleaning: A powerful carpet cleaning method that is suggested by a majority of carpet manufacturers.
  • Hot water extraction: A very effective method to relieve your carpets of soil, leaving it dirt and detergent free.
  • Built-in water softener: Allows your carpeting to be soft and smelling fresh.

In addition to carpet cleaning, ServiceMaster Architerra also provides customers with floor maintenance, odor elimination, and a detailed cleaning service for upholstery items. Our services can be set up as a one-time, bi-annual or annual maintenance plan to service your home. Our team of experts provide advances services with you in mind.