Payson, Arizona.

For any business or home in Payson, AZ, any sign of mold should be handled as soon as possible. Luckily, ServiceMaster of Architerra offers their mold removal services to property owners in Pay-son, Arizona.

When hired for mold remediation services, we’ll implement our five-step mold remediation process to ensure that we leave your property mold free. Don’t hesitate to deal with mold in your home or office, every mold case should be handled with caution and be considered serious. As exposure to mold can cause health complications, so it is crucial to eliminate mold before anyone is affected or harmed.

Fire and Water Disaster Restoration

If your business or home has fallen to fire or water damages, ServiceMaster Architerra offers 24-hour emergency services, which can have a team at your location within hours to start the mitigation and cleanup process.

As a professional disaster restoration service provider, we at ServiceMaster Architerra, have all the necessary experience, skills, and equipment, required to manage any disaster restoration task. With such skilled experts, ServiceMaster Architerra will no doubt, be able to successfully accomplish restoring and mitigating fire and water damages for your property.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

When you want your home to look its best, consider a professional carpet cleaning service by ServiceMaster Architerra. We use specially designed techniques that will remove even the most stubborn stains and dirt from your carpets. When we’re finished with our carpet cleaning service, your carpets will appear refreshed, as all of the gathered dirt, soil, and dust has all been removed, leaving you with a clean carpet that seems as if it were brand new.

To learn more about our services in Pay-son, Arizona, contact the ServiceMaster Architerra office to see how we can help you!


Photo by sgilsdorf