Laveen, Arizona.

When you’re home or office in Laveen, Arizona, has sustained fire or water damages, you need an expert in disaster restoration. In Laveen, Arizona, and several other locations, ServiceMaster Architerra is here, able to provide high quality restoration services to properties that have succumbed to water and fire damages.

With ServiceMaster Architerra, we do offer 24-hour emergency services, making us available at any time of the day, as we understand that disasters can strike at any time. We can have a team sent to your location in just hours to begin the cleanup and restoration process. For a reliable disaster restoration service provider in Laveen, Arizona, always consider ServiceMaster Architerra.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a nasty problem for any residential or commercial property. Not only will mold damage a building’s structure and materials, it will also create health complications, odors, and spread into other portions of your property. So it is imperative that you contact the mold specialists immediately to eliminate the mold from your property before it is able to cause additional damages or able to reach into other areas of your home or office.

With the mold remediation services of ServiceMaster Architerra, we can help eliminate all forms of mold from your property. We will implement our 5-step mold remediation process and ensure that any mold growths, mold-infested materials, expansions, and spores, are all eradicated. With ServiceMaster Architerra, we will be sure to make your property a mold-free environment.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

ServiceMaster Architerra doesn’t only deal with property damage from disasters and mold, we do offer quality carpet cleaning services as well for residential properties. With our carpet cleaning processes, we can thoroughly remove dirt and soil that has accumulated over the weeks, months, or even years that a regular vacuuming can’t accomplish. When we’re finished, we’ll leave your carpets looking refreshed, brighter, and possibly even feel plusher.

For more information about our services in Laveen, Arizona, contact the ServiceMaster Architerra office. Our friendly staff is always willing to help answer any questions you may have.


Photo by Ms. Pheonix