Dealing with Maricopa County water damage is always a stressful nightmare. But when your property sustains water damages, it’s ioperative that you take swift action to minimize damages, avoid losses, and save valuables. See below a few actions you can take upon yourself to reduce damages while waiting for the experts to arrive.

1) Shut Off and Eliminate Incoming Water

The first task you should be concerned with after discovering water damages is to shut off your water. This will allow you to stop additional water from entering your property and limit the amount of damages you can sustain.

2) Take Our Your Valuables

Your next task should be focused on removing all valuables and items from the area. The longer items are able to sit in water or touch water, the more damages they can collect. So avoid damages and complete losses, and move all items and furnishings to a dry area.

3) Drain the Area

Lastly, try to find ways to drain water from the affected area. See if you can lead it outside, to a drain point, and as a last resort try to mop or wet-vacuum as much water as you can. If you act fast enough and remove most of the water as it enters your property, you have a high chance that you’ll only incur slight damages.

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