Gold Canyon, Arizona.

If your home or office has fallen to smoke, fire, or water damage, all is not lost. The damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster Architerra are here to help you throughout the process, as we are your experts for restoration services in Gold Canyon. We utilize a large number of techniques and methods to clean content, salvage items, restore structures, remove water, and much more.

Rely on the experts at ServiceMaster Architerra in Gold Canyon, AZ for your restoration needs from fire, smoke, or water damages. For emergencies, we do offer 24-hour services, where we are available at all hours of the day and can have a team sent to your location to begin the damage mitigation and restoration process in just hours.

Mold Remediation

If you have moisture problems within your property, there is a very good chance you have mold developing within your property somewhere. Mold requires high levels of moisture in order to grow and develop and an organic food source such as cellulose, which can be found in several building materials and structures. Mold will also become a health threat, as it can hamper the air quality and release spores causing allergic reactions, illnesses, and breathing complications when exposed for long durations.

Mold is always a serious situation and should be taken care of as soon as possible. For expert mold remediation service, consider the experts at ServiceMaster of Architerra.

Carpet Cleaning

ServiceMaster Architerra also offers excellent carpet cleaning services for residential properties in Gold Canyon. With our professional carpet cleaning, we can remove stains, dirt, and soil, that has collected over time. Our cleaning techniques enable our cleaning agents to penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpets to ensure a thorough cleaning, leaving your carpets looking refreshed and spectacular.

To learn more about our services, please contact the ServiceMaster Architerra office. Our friendly staff is always willing to help answer any question you may have.


Photo by dierken