Glendale, Arizona.

Commercial & Residential Disaster Restoration

If you’re a home or business owner and you’ve had the unfortunate event of having your property sustain damages from fire or water damage, contact ServiceMaster Architerra immediately. The longer you wait to mitigate and salvage your property and belongings, the more damages you’ll sustain. ServiceMaster Architerra offers 24-hour emergency services, where we can have a team onsite, at your location, in just hours to being the cleanup and damage mitigation process.

ServiceMaster Architerra is a reputable disaster restoration service provider servicing homes and commercial facilities from fire and water damages over the years. Our staff of disaster restoration technicians are all experienced and have undergone professional training to ensure we provide you with high quality results. So rely on ServiceMaster Architerra for all of your fire or water damage restoration needs.

Mold Removal Services

If you’ve found mold inside your home or office, call ServiceMaster of Architerra for mold remediation services. Our mold specialists will eliminate mold from your property for good. Mold can cause a variety of problems for any property, from damaging structures and creating an unhealthy environment to being the cause of poor indoor air quality. When you contact ServiceMaster of Architerra for mold remediation services, we’ll implement our 5-step process that is sure to remove mold from your property.

Carpet Cleaning Services for Residential Homes

Over time, your carpets will accumulate plenty of dirt, soil, and foot traffic. To help refresh your carpets, consider the professional carpet cleaning service of ServiceMaster Architerra. We can provide professional carpet cleaning services for your home at a budget-friendly price. When we’re through with your carpets, we’ll leave them restored in color, free of stains, and help prolong their life.

For any disaster restoration, mold remediation, or residential carpet cleaning service in Glendale, AZ, please contact your local experts at ServiceMaster Architerra today.


Photo by Kenneth Hagemeyer