In Tempe AZ, it is dry most of the year. But there are days when we get heavy rains and water finds its way into our home. Floods, on the other hand are much more rare. To the average Tempe homeowner, water damage and flood damage may seem like a distinction without a difference. But to your insurance adjuster, this distinction may mean the difference between whether or not your home is covered for water damage.

A restoration service for a damaged property is when a home or office is brought back to the condition it was before sustaining damages. But in order to have the proper insurance coverage to make that happen, it is important to understand the main differences between flood and water damage, and how insurance carriers view each.

Flood Damage
Here are some common instances that would be classified as a flood:

  • A river or lake nearby your home overflows and the water rushes into your house.
  • A heavy downpour causes water to get into your lower level because the soil outside cannot absorb the moisture.
  • A heavy rainfall in an elevated area causes a mudslide, which flows into your house.

All 3 of these instances are known as floods, and require special flood insurance purchased from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover these.

Water Damage
Water damage covered under a standard homeowner’s policy happens when moisture gets into your home without first hitting the ground. Examples of these include:

  • A heavy rainfall that causes your roof to leak and water to get into your home.
  • A hailstorm that causes damage to your roof & siding, or puts holes in your roof and/or breaks your windows and moisture subsequently seeps in.
  • One or more of the pipes in your plumbing system breaks, causing water leakage throughout the home.

It is important to know the difference between these two occurrences, because when it comes to water damage restoration, Tempe, AZ, professionals will want to be assured that you can financially afford their services. But they wont get paid if your insurance carrier denies the claim. So two lessons here:

1. If moisture damage occurs in your home, make sure you know whether it was flood or water damage before speaking to your insurance adjuster.

2. If you happen to live in one of the rare flood prone sections in the Tempe area, talk to your local agent about protecting yourself with flood insurance.