In Maricopa County, fire damages are always a serious threat to take into consideration. In Maricopa County, fire damages can erupt in a variety of ways, from kitchen accidents, overheated appliances, forest fires, arson, and more. Despite the cause, a fire can cause a severe headache, as structures and valuables will be destroyed, the cleanup process can become a difficult task, and you may temporarily be out of a home or office for a period of time.

Maricopa County property owners must realize that it isn’t just the blaze of a fire that will cause damages, as the bulk of the damages can be due to the smoke that is produced, soot, and the water used to extinguish the fire. Fortunately, the experts at ServiceMaster Architerra are specialists in disaster restoration and are able to provide Maricopa County with fire damage remediation services. Our experts have provided some helpful information property owners and managers to use when facing fire damages.

Move Forward with Losses
In a fire, you must realize that there will be losses and damages that are beyond repair. Don’t waste time trying to restore these items when you could be tending to other partially damaged items that can be fully recovered. Accept your losses and move forward to what you can save.

Air Circulation
After sustaining fire damages, the very first step the experts will do is to try and ventilate the property. You can help hasten this process by opening all the windows and doors of your property, and if possible use fans to get the air moving. This can help reduce smoke, odors, and dust in the premises.

Use a Vacuum to Remove Ash from Fabrics
When ash or soot has accumulated on your furniture items after a fire you can remove it with the use of a vacuum. But be sure to not use any brush attachment and to not come into contact with the ash or soot. As you risk pressing the oily compound into the fibers of your furniture, making it exponentially more difficult to clean and remove. Instead, use the vacuum at a distance to suction up the buildup without actually coming into contact with it.

Soot Cleanup
On solid surfaces such as glass, metal, or plastic, soot can easily be cleaned. All you need to clean soot from solid surface is a reliable all-purpose cleaner and paper towels. But when it comes to porous surfaces like wood or concrete, soot cleanup can become much more difficult as the particles can become trapped in between the tiny holes and crevices of the surface. But the best approach to cleaning soot from porous surfaces is with a chemical dry sponge, a cleaning agent designed to eliminate grease, and plenty of patience and elbow grease.

Reduce Odors
Many times, a fire can leave behind heavy smoke odors. Take note that paint on your walls or cabinets can absorb and hold smoke and its odors extremely well. When you noticed that your walls are emitting a smoky odor, strip the old paint and apply a new coat. The same concept can be applied to hardwood flooring, when your wood floors emit smoky odors, strip them of their current coat of varnish and apply a new coat.

When you need Maricopa County fire damage remediation services, contact ServiceMaster Architerra as soon as possible. We offer emergency restoration services for Maricopa County fire damages, and we can have a team onsite, at your location, within hours of your call to begin the restoration process. Contact us today for all of your fire damage restoration needs.