FireDamage Seeing your home or commercial facility engulfed in flames is a stressful situation and tragic sight to see. As the flames, heat, and smoke from the fire will cause damages to the structures of your property and consumes all the valuables it comes into contact with. And if you resist to take immediate action what is left of your property, whether it be partially damaged or unharmed structures and valuables, they are at risk of sustaining secondary damages caused by water, smoke, soot, and several other factors. These residual damages will transform restorable content into unsalvageable losses. So prompt action is required in order to rescue as many items as possible, while avoiding additional damages and unnecessary losses.

ServiceMaster Architerra are the experts in disaster restoration that completely understand your situation at hand. With ServiceMaster Architerra, our disaster restoration experts are fully committed to restoring your property back to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible, while delivering top quality results. We make it a priority to restore our customer’s happiness, their lives, and a peace of mind.

When you contact ServiceMaster Architerra for fire damage restoration services, we’ll respond as quickly as possible. We even have a 24-hour emergency line readily available to help answer your calls at all hours of the day, morning or at night. The restoration experts at ServiceMaster Architerra are all professionally trained, experienced, and utilize the latest in techniques and specially designed equipment. With the expertse of our restoration technicians, we’re able to handle situations of any size, while handling your property with the utmost care and respect.

For additional information about our fire damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties, feel free to contact our office via telephone or submit a Request a Quote form to have a representative respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We’re more than glad to help answer any questions or help get you started with our services.