It’s not something that any of us strive for, but unfortunately, it’s very difficult to keep carpets clean. From muddy boots to children’s trainers, most carpets get punished on a daily basis. Of course, you can take preventative steps and make sure shoes are always off in the house, but you still have to consider pets and guests and any other unexpected occurrences.

Unfortunately, dirty carpets are near inevitable and you are far better off just accepting this and deal with dirt and grime when they appear. The first item in keeping your carpets maintained, is that you should do is to make sure your carpets are vacuumed at least once a week. This may sound obvious, but it’s an easy chore to forget.

Another tip is to make sure you move slowly when vacuuming. It may surprise you, but most people who complain that their vacuum doesn’t work well are simply pushing their vacuums too quickly. Maximize your vacuum’s beater brush and suction power by moving at a slow pace instead of briskly covering an area.

To really care after your carpets, get a professional involved. Professional carpet cleaners have the proper equipment to deep clean your carpets and get them truly cleaned.

It’s always important to check the credentials of the company that you are going to hire, and make sure that they have the technical expertise and equipment required to handle your carpets. The best bet is to find a Scottsdale carpet cleaning company such as ServiceMaster Architerra and allow them to clean your carpets and remove all of the accumulated dirt and soil that is trapped within your carpeting.