Carefree, Arizona.

Mold Remediation

For any business or home in Carefree, AZ, any sign of mold should be handled as soon as possible. Luckily, ServiceMaster of Architerra offers their mold removal services to property owners in Carefree, Arizona.

When you call ServiceMaster of Architerra for mold remediation services, we’ll implement our five-step mold remediation process to ensure that we leave your property mold free. Our technicians are all skilled and professionally trained, they’ll use advanced techniques and methods to ensure the task of removing mold from your property is completed successfully.

Our 5-step mold remediation process includes:

  • Determine the source causing the mold
  • Remove the cause of excess water and moisture
  • Sealingthe contaminated to stop mold spores from reaching other parts of the property
  • Removingmold-infested materials Clean and seal affected areas

Don’t hesitate to deal with mold in your home or office, every mold case should be handled with caution and taken seriously. As mold canthreaten the health of your family and employees, so it is imperative to eradicate mold from your property before it is given a chance to expand into the other areas of your home or office.

Disaster Restoration – Fire, Smoke, and Water Damage

If your business or home has fallen to fire or water damages, ServiceMaster Architerra will respond promptlytoyour calls and deploy a team to begin the cleanup and restoration process day or night. ServiceMaster Architerra is dedicated to our customers and we make it a priority to restore your property as quickly as possible with excellent results.

As a professional disaster restoration service provider in Carefree, AZ, ServiceMaster Architerra has all the necessary equipment, skills, and experience, needed to manage any task that is handed to us. Having such a wide variety of features and resources allows ServiceMaster Architerra to successfully accomplish a restoration service for any home or commercial office from fire and water damages.

Rely on the experts at ServiceMaster Architerra in Carefree, AZ for your restoration needs. We know what you may be going through and how overwhelming it can be when facing large disasters, which is why our team is professionally trained and equipped with the latest equipment and techniques to restore your property as quickly as possible with superb results. We want you to have a home again and to have your business operating at 100%.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

If your looking for a way to improve your home in Carefree, Arizona, think about having your carpets cleaned with professional services from ServiceMaster Architerra. Many don’t realize, that by having your carpets cleaned by a professional, can do miracles forboosting the look of a home. Leaving your carpets appearing as if they are brand new, due to revitalizing the colors that have been masked and faded from soil and dust build up.

With carpet cleaning services from ServiceMaster Architerra, our carpet-cleaning experts utilize a number of advanced techniques to provide outstanding results. Our techniques deep clean the fibers of your carpeting, working all the way down to the base of your carpeting to deliver a truly clean carpet. Rather than those other companieswho only clean the top surfaceof your carpeting making it appear clean, when in actuality there is still plenty of dirt and soil to be removed.

For any questions about our services or if you’d like additional information, please contact the ServiceMaster Architerra office today! Our friendly staff is always willing to help answer any questions.


Photo by marada