Avondale, Arizona.Commercial & Residential Disaster Restoration Services in Avondale, AZ

If your commercial or residential property has succumbed to the damaged cause by water or fire, ServiceMaster Architerra is able to respond quickly to emergency calls. Our team will arrive onsite, at your property, and begin the cleanup and restoration process for your home or office in Avondale, AZ. Trustt he experts at ServiceMaster Architerra, because your property will be in the hands of the experts who will restore your property back to its pre-loss conditions.

The members of ServiceMaster Architerra has all the expertise and skills needed to successfully complete any restoration, mold removal, or carpet cleaning service in Avondale, AZ with quality results. With the support and dedication of our staff,ServiceMaster Architerra will successfully restore any home or business from water and fire damages.

Mold Remediation Services

Commercial and Residential Mold Remediation in Avondale, AZ
If you’ve found mold in your home or office, contact the mold removal experts at ServiceMaster of Architerra.We are the mold remediation experts who are able to completely remove growths and mold-infested materials from your property. Its best to act quickly, otherwise the longer you wait the more opportunities you create for mold to spread and cause further damages.

For mold remediation services, we here at ServiceMaster Architerra will implement our five-stop mold remediation process that includes:

  • Assessing the mold growth and its source
  • Remove any excess water and moisture
  • Seal off the contaminated area to prevent the mold from spreading
  • Remove mold-infested materials
  • Thoroughly clean and seal materials and areas

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services for Residential Households in Avondale, AZ
If you’ve noticed your home inAvondale, AZ, is appearing dreary, consider ServiceMaster Architerra’s carpet cleaning services. Having your carpets professionally cleaned can drastically enhance or improve the looks of your home.

We apply effective and advanced techniques in every carpet cleaning service to ensure we are deep cleaning your carpets, removing all of the accumulated soil, dirt, and dust that is making your carpets looking dingy. With our carpet cleaning techniques, we make sure we’re working deep down to the base of your carpeting to provide the best carpet cleaning service available.

Trust the experts at ServiceMaster Architerra in Avondale, AZ for your disaster restoration and carpet cleaning needs. We’re dedicated to creating satisfied customers by providing high quality results with our professional services. Contact ServiceMaster of Architerra today to begin any one of our services for your Avondale, AZ home or business.


Photo by William Herron