Anthem, Arizona.

Do you want to freshen up the look of your home? ServiceMaster Architerra offers exactly what you need to boost the looks of your home and that is, professional carpet cleaning services. Carpets are one of the most overlooked elements of any property, but with proper care, a refreshed carpet can do wonders in enhancing the interior appearance of any home.

With professional carpet cleaning services from ServiceMaster Architerra, we provide a true carpet cleaning service. With our deep cleaning methods and techniques, we remove all the dirt and soil from your floors, including the stubborn soil that is woven and embedded into the fibers of your carpeting. Whereas other companies may only clean the surface of your carpeting, to make it appear clean, when in actuality it is masking the dirt underneath.

But with carpet cleaning services from ServiceMaster Architerra, we leave your carpets looking refreshed and revitalized as we thoroughly clean your carpets to perfection. Simply leaving behind a clean carpet that will help brighten rooms and allow them to appear livelier.

Expert Disaster Restoration Services

If your commercial facility or residential home has been damaged by fire or water, ServiceMaster Architerrawill respondswiftlyto begin the cleanup and damage mitigation process. With disaster restoration services from ServiceMaster Architerra, we work hard to get your property back to a safe and working condition.

ServiceMaster Architerra has all the skills, and experience, needed to accomplish any task that is given to us. With a wide selection of tools and resources,our team will be able to successfully restore any residential or commercial property from water or fire damages.

Mold Services

For residential and commercial properties, mold should always be taken care of immediately. If you need professional assistance, consider ServiceMaster of Architerra. We possess the skills required to remediate and completely remove mold from any commercial and residential properties.

With ServiceMaster of Architerra,we use a five-step mold remediation process that includes…

  • Assessing the source of the mold growth
  • Remove excess water and moisture, while making any necessary water damage repairs
  • Seal the contaminated area, preventing mold spores from spreading
  • Remove any affected materials
  • Thoroughly clean and seal the affected areas

ServiceMaster Architerra considers each mold case a serious threat. Mold can be detrimental to the health of your family and employees if they’ve been living or working in a mold-infested environment. So it is crucial to eliminate mold at the very first sight, before it is given a chance to spread into other regions of your property.

For more information, contact ServiceMaster of Architerra today with any questions or to begin any one of our services for your residential or commercial property in Anthem, AZ.


Photo by D Guisinger