Mesa, Arizona.

If your property ever suffers from fire or water damages contact ServiceMaster Architerra immediately. We have emergency services, where we can respond to your calls 24 hours a day, and will deploy a team to your location to begin the cleanup and damage mitigation process.

As a professional disaster restoration service provider in Mesa, AZ, we have all the tools, experience, and necessary equipmentrequired to handle any disaster restoration task. With the resources and support of ServiceMaster Clean, we will be able to restore any business facility or residential home from damages.

Mold Remediation

Mold will always be a concern for any property that has high levels of moisture or that has had water damage in the past. Mold often grows in the deep, dark, damp, portions of properties and will wreak havoc on the structures it settles on. Mold only purpose is to breakdown and decay whatever surface it develops on. Aside from damaged structures, you also run the risk of providing an unhealthy work or living environment, as long exposure to mold can cause illnesses, breathing troubles, and can even trigger asthma attacks.

Upon the discovery of mold, contact a mold removal and remediation expert immediately. The longer you wait to take action, the more damages you’ll sustain and the health risk you create. With ServiceMaster of Architerra, we’ll provide our specially designed 5-step mold remediation process and leave your property mold-free.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

If you want a way to help boost the looks of your home, consider the professional carpet cleaning service by ServiceMaster Architerra. We use advanced techniques and tools to thoroughly clean your carpets. We are able to remove the soil, dirt, and stains that have collected over time and caused daily foot traffic. When we’re finished with your carpets, they’ll appear like new, with revitalized colors, a crisp appearance, and will be able to last much longer.

Contact ServiceMaster of Architerra today with any questions or to begin any one of our services for your Mesa, AZ home or commercial facility.


Photo by minniemouseaunt