An egret in flight.We are able to provide high quality services for fire and water damages. When your home or business has been engulfed in flames, smoke damage, flooded, or have had pipes burst, contact ServiceMaster Architerra for emergency services. We will respond to your calls and send a team to your location to begin the cleanup and damage mitigation process.

We have specially designed process to handle fire or water damages. For fire damages we can tend to your smoke damaged items and structures, while helping remove soot from compounding and permanently damaging your belongings. For water damages, we will extract standing water, dry structures, and help prevent the growth of mold.

For fire and water damages, we do offer emergency services that are available 24 hours a day. We know that emergencies can occur at any time of the day and we wish to be available to you during such dire times.

Mold Remediation

Property owners around the world all know that mold is a true headache to deal with. When you have mold growing within your home or office, there are several things at risk. Mold will breakdown and weaken any surface, material, or structure it is able to settle and grow on. Mold is also able to release spores into the air, given the appropriate condition, these spores can latch onto different portions of a property and begin a new growth cycle. Lastly, mold spores will adversely affect the health of any one who is exposed to mold spores or the mold itself, causing illnesses, allergic reactions, and breathing difficulties.

To have your property mold free, it’s best to call the experts such as ServiceMaster Architerra to provide mold remediation services. We follow a 5-step plan that will completely remove mold from your property and turn it back into a safe place for your family, employees, and guests.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

We also provide professional carpet cleaning services for residential properties. With our carpet cleaning services, we can help transform your carpets from dingy and mundane to lively and refreshed. With our cleaning techniques and equipment, we are able to remove stains, dirt, and soil that have all been deeply embedded within your carpet’s fibers.

With ServiceMaster Architerra’s carpet cleaning services, we’re confident that we can leave your house looking revitalized and better than ever. Our carpet cleaning services will help brighten your carpeting,

For more information about our carpet cleaning, mold remediation, or disaster restoration services in Gilbert, Arizona, please contact ServiceMaster Architerra.


Photo by Troy Snow